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Botox is a protein that is found naturally, but for cosmetic purposes it is manufactured and highly purified in the laboratory. It has been studied extensively for many years, and therefore the mechanisms for how Botox works is very well known.

What is Botox?

Botox is a very effective muscle relaxant. It works by relaxing those muscles on the face which form lines, such as frown lines over the brows, and crow's feet around the eyes when smiling. Before it ever was used cosmetically, it had been used widely for medical purposes especially with respect to disorders causing muscle spasms, as in cerebral palsy, or in cases of "cross eye", or eyelid twitch. Botox was used very safely even in children for these conditions as long as twenty years ago, long before cosmetic uses were discovered.

Botox is a very safe and effective way to relax fine lines especially in the areas of the forehead, brow and around the eyes. It can also be used to relax laugh lines, wrinkling of the chin and lip area and can help to relieve mild jowl formation around the jaw line. The treatment takes about 15 to 20 minutes using very small needles to inject hundredths of an ml of liquid into areas where lines need to be treated. 

The Session

The first Botox session takes about one hour which includes a full consultation, explanation of the risks and benefits of the procedure, and cost, and the procedure itself which takes about twenty minutes. Subsequent visits may take thirty to fourty five minutes.


  • Although bruising is rare, If prone to bruising try to refrain from aspirin or similar such as Advil or Aleve, for a few days before the day of treatment.
  • Be prepared not to lie down for approximately four hours following treatment.


  • Do not rub or massage treatment area on the day of injections.
  • Do make exaggerated facial expressions.
  • Do not lie flat for approximately 4 hrs post procedure.

After treatment very small, barely detectable bumps under the skin are noted where the Botox was injected, which all disappear within about one hour as the Botox migrates to the desired muscle area under the skin. One can go about ones normal activities after the treatment as long as the area remains untouched so as not to move the Botox around to undesirable muscle areas. Even immediately after Botox treatment there is no telltale signs of having had a treatment. It is usually recommended not to touch the treated area for about one hour after the treatment and not to lie down on the treated area for about four hours.

Botox takes about four days to begin to notice the desirable effects and about two weeks to see the full effect. It is recommend strongly that a follow up appointment be made two weeks after treatment to review the effects of treatment as it relates to the goals and wishes of the client. 

Botox usually lasts three to four months after treatment. It is advisable to have a repeat dose at that time , preferably before the prior treatment has stopped working, as this usually allows the following treatment to last as long as six months. Patients usually come in twice a year for their treatments.

Rarely a small temporary bruise may form over and injection point, which can be hidden with cover up makeup. At times a minute difference in brow height may also be noted which may be corrected at a follow up session. The most undesirable side effect of Botox, which fortunately in skilled hands is extremely rare, is what is termed a "lid ptosis" or a droopy eyelid, which may drop to the level of the pupil (the dark central part of the eye). Fortunately this is temporary, usually lasting two or three weeks and can be corrected to some degree by eye drops that can be prescribed. 

Possible Side-Effects

There are no long term side effects of Botox for Cosmetic use as the amount used for cosmetic purposes is much less than is used for therapeutic medical purposes.


The average cost of treatment for the frown lines is about $500.00 - to $600.00. Treating men may cost more as their muscle structure is heavier, and therefore may require more Botox. Although the cost is calculated per unit of Botox used, clients are advised of the total price for their total future treatment as knowing a per unit price does not necessarily reveal how much it will cost to accomplish one's goal of treatment. One may be charged less somewhere else per unit dose, but the cost may be the same or more if more units are administered. 

More About Botox

Two Canadian physicians discovered the benefits of Botox for cosmetic use when patients who were treated for eye conditions observed that the lines around the eye area appeared less or in some cases totally disappeared. This accidental finding lead to further studies and now cosmetic use of Botox is the most widely used cosmetic procedure.

Patients who have been coming for several years for regular treatments now have no lines to see around their eyes or forehead. When properly done, there are no telltale signs that Botox has been used. The goal of treatment is not to totally paralyze facial muscles, but to relax them so that the lines caused by these muscles do not form. 

Currently there is only one type of Botox available from the Allergan Company. Other manufacturers are planning to introduce products similar to the original Botox. It is very important to know that the person injecting any other form of "Botox" has had extensive experience in that particular product as although they all relax muscles, they behave in very different ways in the body, and therefore dosing and technique vary considerably from one product to another.