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Clinical Treatments


Removes skin tags, spider angioma and ruby points.

15 min treatment    $83.00

Demapod Microdermabrasion

Includes 3 sweeps, extractions and mask

Per treatment    $99.00
Package of 6    $645.00


Micro-currents with LED Diode Light

Kinelift uses micro currents to re-educate and lift sagging muscles while the red L.E.D. Photo Bio Stimulation increases collagen production, dermal density, new capillary vessels, which improve skin nutrition and micro circulation, and cell regeneration. Combining Microdermabrasion with L.E.D. Photo treatments, produces results in all skin layers.

Per treatment    $110.00
6 Treatments    $550.00

Best results are achieved doing Kinelift twice per week for 3 weeks then one treatment per month or as needed to maintain results.


Blue LED Diode Light/kills acne bacteria

Purelight uses blue L.E.D. Wave Band which kills P-acne bacteria (proponic bacteria). It inhibits the growth and spread of acne while producing a photo bleaching effect on acne and pigmentations scars. Treatments should be done twice per week until acne is healed and then microdermabrasion can be used with the Purelight to further reduce acne scarring.

Per treatment    $83.00
6 Treatments    $415.00

Students receive 15% discount for purelight treatments.


Dermalift uses Impulse Micro Currents that can be increased for large muscle groups. It is effective for lifting jowls, neck, decolleté, triceps, breasts and chest.

Per treatment    $75.00
6 Treatments    $375.00