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Botox Warranty

Dr. Norman Goldberg

The warranty is as follows:

If there is need for a "touch up", eg. the right brow lift did not take as well as the left so a little extra botox would be used to raise or lower a brow ( usually it is only a 2 -3 mm difference) there is no charge.

If at least 75% of the original desired effects does not last  three months( with the exception of lip enhancements or treatment of lip vertical lines), more botox will be given free of charge to allow that effect to continue for the three full months.

A couple of issues arise with this warranty:

  • It obviously only applies to areas that were treated - there will be usual charge for areas that a client returns to have done before the three month interval if that area had not originally been done.
  • At  times a client would want less botox than what  I recommended for the problem area they have. If they return with an inadequate response, there is a charge for the extra botox.