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Lulur Tradition

The Wellness of the Orient

Lulur is an Indonesian tradition that dates back many centuries. The natural riches found on the island of Java can be found in several natural beauty treatments. Lulur is a beauty treatment that includes a mixture of rice powder and spices first used by Javanese princesses before ceremonies. Lulur leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and radiant bringing a sense of balance and harmony to one's body and soul.

Spices Lulur

Traditional Java exfoliate

Combines rice powder and a variety of stimulating antioxidant spices including ginger, curcuma, clove and cardamom. This combination is applied with scented oils and organic yogurt and gently rubbed into the body. After your rain shower, warmed oil is massaged into the body.

Coffee Lulur


Is a variant of the spice Lulur. Coffee is well known for its ability to tone muscle and as a general stimulant. It reduces the feeling of fatigue and increases the body's energy level. Applied externally, coffee activates lipolysis (destruction of fat). This invigorating exfoliation treatment helps eliminate toxins and is particularly well suited for men.