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Micro Pigmentation

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Permanent Makeup

For today's busy women, permanent makeup is a great way to get the look you want every day saving you time and energy each morning. Permanent makeup also known as micro pigmentation, carefully implants pigment into the dermal layer of the skin creating definition and interest in the treated area. Lips can be made to appear fuller and more prominent, sparse brows can be made darker or thicker, and your eyes can be lined to stand out more, all this without the expense and trouble of daily touch-ups. Permanent cosmetics can change the way you feel about yourself…. When you look better you, feel better

Permanent Eyebrows

Just imagine no more eyebrow pencils or tinting. You can have the perfect brow shape for your face permanently. Both natural light hair strokes or more of a filled in look can be achieved through Jeongae’s excellent permanent eyebrow techniques that gets the perfect eyebrow shape. Working with your existing eye brow shape or helping you reshape a new eyebrow design the end permanent eyebrow makeup application will be exactly what you want. Many different techniques and styles can be used for a customized look for the eyebrows.

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Permanent Eyeliner

This permanent cosmetics procedure defines the eyes flawlessly to enhance the existing eye shape, giving you the choice of a natural look or a bold and dramatic style using thicker lines. Jeongae’s experience applying permanent eyeliner will get the perfect thickness and style that will permanently make your eyes smile! Pigment will be implanted along the lash line to ensure a natural finish and comes in several different colours.

Upper Eyeliner  
Lower Eyeliner  
Upper and Lower Eyeliner   
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Permanent Lip Makeup

A lip liner procedure will like the lips and can also augment size. This will appear to increase the volume and symmetry of your lip; an illusion you would use with pencil yet only permanent. Shape and colour corrections is a popular procedure for women who experience colour loss and definition with age. Both procedures have very soft and natural results and can be offered from a large spectrum of beautiful colours for lip shades and liners.

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Lip Colour (Includes Lip Liner)  
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Areola/Nipple Re-Pigmentation

Areola re-pigmentation or reconstructive tattooing has been very successful in helping women who have had breast reconstruction surgery by re-pigmenting the skin in the breast area creating the look of the areola and nipple. Areola re-pigmentation helps to create the illusion of a 3D areola and nipple and to disguise some scarring making the breasts appear more natural. Breast cancer survivors who have had a mastectomy are usually in need of areola re-pigmentation. For many breast reconstructive and areola re-pigmentation is a good way to feel better about themselves and to make a fresh start in life after a long journey by bringing closure to the process. Many women feel that areola re-pigmentation not only improves the cosmetic appearance of the breast but. Also enhances their quality of life. We highly recommend a colour patch test to determine the right colour choice for you.

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Tattoo Removal/Lightning

Laser free tattoo removal is an option for those who may have an ill placed eyebrow right to the "old girlfriend's name" body tattoo. The Eliminink Tattoo Removal System is a pain free pigment removal procedure for all types of tattoos anywhere on the body or face. Eliminink is applied in the same way as the original tattoo inks were applied. Eliminink features:

  • No expensive painful laser treatments
  • No excision
  • Effective for all colours
  • Contains its own scar inhibitor
  • Requires less treatments that the majority of other methods
  • No messy creams or lotions

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