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Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are bits of benign skin growth that hang from the surrounding skin by a narrow stalk. Skin tags can be smooth or wrinkled, flesh coloured or slightly brown, and usually irregular in shape.

Skin tags may appear on any part of the human body. They are more often found on the neck, groin, armpits, eyelids, and under the breasts, and other areas where skin frequently rubs against skin or clothing.

Quick Facts about Skin Tags

  • Skin tags are not present at birth and may be acquired by anyone, most commonly in adulthood. They tend to be somewhat more prevalent in women than men, particularly overweight people, and in darker skinned people.
  • Skin tags start out looking like the head of a pin. With time, they will grow, and some may even grow to the size of a large grape.
  • Skin tags are frequently found on pregnant women. It's believed that hormone elevations may increase the chances of skin tag formation.
  • Skin tags have not been found to have the potential to become cancerous if left untreated.
  • Occasionally a skin tag may fall off without any pain. This may happen after the tag has repeatedly twisted on itself at the stalk base, blocking the blood flow to the tag.
  • Though some people may be more prone to forming new skin tags, there is no evidence that removing a skin tag causes more skin tags to develop.

Skin Tag Treatments

If a skin tag is irritating or cosmetically unwanted, it can be removed through one of these most common treatments: freezing, burning, or cutting. Home remedies and self-treatments are also widely available.

We use the Vasculyse machine which uses electrocautery to burn off skin tags quickly and with no scarring. Our qualified staff uses this method to safely remove thousands of skin tags each year. Small skin tags can be removed easily without anaesthesia.

Here at Rituals Medical & Day Spa, we understand how you feel about unsightly or troubling skin tags, and wish to give you clearer, smoother skin that you don't need to worry about any more.